Photography by Traci Buck

Photography by Traci Buck


About Me

What can I say … I have been blessed to call Southern Oregon home for nearly 25 years and I’ve been photographing it ever since. From my humble beginnings, I was simply a girl with a camera and a passion. Soon I found myself embraced by and working in my community. Photography quickly evolved and grew into a career I could have only dreamed of. 

I would consider my style photojournalistic, documentary if you will. I love light and working with it. Sunrises and sunsets.  I love finding the perfect location, whether it be a mountaintop or downtown streets. And there’s something ever so intimate with in-home lifestyle sessions. It all comes with the ultimate goal of storytelling, capturing the real, raw, rich moments. 

With that, I am ever so thankful to live in an area of such beauty, providing the most stunning backdrops. I love how clients turn into friends and that over the years my photography weaves the tapestry of their lives. 


So grateful you stopped by … I’d love to adventure with you.